Flávi Zsigmond – Barbara Blanka Szikszai

My name is Flávi Zsigmond and I am 19 years old. My adoptive parents brought me home from an orphanage when I was a one-year-old baby. Since then I have been living with a loving family in Vălenii de Mureș. They raised me with love, they fought beside me with the disability I suffer from, and they taught me to never give up and accept life as it is, and to find my place in life. Dancing is an opportunity to meet and get to know people with disabilities and to show the world that we exist and accept life with all its ups and downs.

My name is Barbara Blanka Szikszai and I am 13 years old. I have been dancing in a folk dance group from 2014 with my brother Gáspár Szikszai. When I met Károly Szilárd Ősz, he asked us whether we would like to join the dance group, and this way, I met the HIFA Association as well. Both my brother and I accepted the challenge, and since then we have been attending rehearsals each week. I am glad to be a member of this group.