BB DANCE had a proud number of 10 performances in its first year since the team was formed. The reputation of the dance group quickly spread in Târgu Mureş and nearby towns and villages, so the invitations came almost one after the other. Dance rehearsals began on March 8th and we attended two rehearsals a week, Tuesday and Thursday. And on May 20, the very first performance took place, where the group performed six special dances. You can read more about this event in the following blog article:

BB DANCE’s first performance

In the beginning, the team consisted of six pairs, but over time, five pairs remained as one pair was unable to continue due to health problems. The drivers played an important role in their trip, so they deserve special thanks, as they took the following routes every time: Târgu Mureş, Sighişoara, Măgherani, and Reghin. Their patience and help made the journeys easier for the group.