Our Association was founded in 2000 in Târgu Mureș, the name of the Association comes from HIFA-Austria and Hifa-Hungary, our moral and spiritual supporters. HIFA means = HILFE FÜR ALLE = HELP FOR EVERYONE. In Austria, HIFA was established in 1971 by Adolf Paster and Dr. Aaron Ekwu, and in Hungary in 1995.

Our vision is to develop and preserve human dignity without trying to change fundamental beliefs.

The target group is adults with disabilities and chronic patients, children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Areas of activity: social (accredited since 2006 for providing social services), vocational training (since 2009 authorized by the Ministry of Labor and Education, with a certificate of graduation), cultural, religious (Fraternitas: an international evangelization movement – the patient to be the apostle of the patient, because this is more authentic)

In 2010 we founded HIFA-RO Publishing House.

We organize different courses, camps, seminars, meetings, etc. Our programs aim for the beneficiaries to integrate into society, to adopt a new mentality in the appreciation and reorganization of their independent life without obstacles.

Our biggest plan is HIFA Park – care and social assistance center for people with disabilities. It will be built in Păcureni…


Our mission is the separate project of the HIFA-ROMANIA association, as a result of which we assume the responsibility towards our peers, for those who work every day, in different fields, such as social, cultural, training, sports, and recreation.


Our goal is to develop an area of ​​major importance to our fellow human beings.

In 2012, the idea of ​​creating a center, HIFA-PARK, was born, but until the end of the project, we have a long and difficult road to go.


Living space for 75 people with disabilities
Accessible surroundings, harmonious location
Specialist help
Jobs in protected units
Effort for self-management
Social integration