The idea of establishing our association’s dance group, BB Dance (BB comes from Building Bridges, the main motto of several projects and programs initiated by our association) sprang in September 2015, when our colleagues from HIFA-Romania contacted Katalin Somodi, who is a dance teacher and judge, as well as one of the founders and president of the Dance Art Sport Club. She was asked to teach a dance choreography on the occasion of the 15th-anniversary activity of our Association to a mixed couple which consisted of a disabled person and a healthy one. The performance had a real success, so it was obvious, that the example of the two young people (Éva Bereczki and Attila Kelemen) will be continued.


Kelemen Attila – Éva Bereczki


The first step – providing the financial resources and the motivation – came about with the participation in the project launched by the Community Foundation with the support of the Circle of Sponsors in November 2015 with the aim of organizing the performance Dance of the Wheels.

From the money obtained we ensured the transportation of dancers to the rehearsals because they are not only from Târgu-Mureș, but also from Sighişoara, Reghin, and Măgherani.

It was a real challenge for the association to purchase the proper wheelchairs, but managed that at a fair price.

In the following, the serious work of Katalin consisted of two rehearsals weekly, which were initially held at Deus Providebit House, after which the group moved to Corunca in the building of the Sapientia University. This way we would also like to thank the board of Sapientia University for letting us use the hall of the university, which is a perfect place for us.

It is important to mention, that Katalin Somodi accepted our request from the initial stage, and ever since she has been working with dedication and seriousness with the group members, teaching them even more beautiful choreographies – and all this as a volunteer, out of passion.