Irén Szabó – Rózsa Bükkösi

My name is Irén Szabó, I live in Berghia, and maybe I’m the oldest member of the BB Dance group. Music and dance have always been a part of my life, but after my surgery 12 years ago, paralyzed from the chest down, I thought “summer” was over. I have always been an optimist and tried everything possible given my circumstances (learned to swim, rode horses, etc.). I have been going to the dance group for a couple of months and I feel very good, we are surrounded by good friends and patient people, and the important thing is how much you love dancing! My message to the younger and older age group is: it’s never too late to start, you just have to take the first step to make your dream come true! You are never too old to spread your “wings” or to prove to yourself and others that: I AM ALSO HERE AND I “FLY”, I DANCE!!! GO BB DANCE AND THANK YOU!!!

My name is Rózsa Bükkösi, I am a 43-year-old and I have a hearing-impaired disability. I started dancing in Voivodeni 6 years ago, but for some reason, I could not continue. For me, dancing is a form of therapy, and it helps me in everything: I don’t get to be a loner, I always come home from class in a good mood. I am very excited to be part of BB dance!