As mentioned before, the group consists of young men with movement disabilities and students who study in Tîrgu-Mureș. We owe them special thanks for sacrificing their free time for this serious work and for this noble cause.


Members of the dance group in 2016:

Females: Tímea-Aranka Katona, Kotró Réka, Noémi Tóth, Beáta Székely and Györfi Margareta.

Males: Dénes Faluvégi, Károly Szilárd Ősz, Zsolt Graur, János Újfalvi and Demeter Mihály.


                                                                                                                  In 2017 the group went through some changes cause some members had other duties to fulfill in life.

The group members are:

Females: Kinga Kohn (she left the team in 2019), Noémi Tóth, Tünde Lukács, Barbara Blanka Szikszai, and Tímea-Aranka Katona.

Males: Zsolti Graur (he left the team in 2019), Károly Szilárd Ősz, Csaba Gáspár Szikszai, Flávi Zsigmond and Dénes Faluvégi.



In 2021-2022, the dance group went through new changes, but this is natural since life itself is constantly changing, nothing is permanent.



The group members in wheelchairs suffered injuries in their youth in various accidents, and the majority of them were in their twenties and thirties. Great respect to them for being able to cross the obstacles raised by society and their own condition, giving us all an example to follow!

The student girls deserve our gratitude too, who – in spite of their manifold activities, have made all the necessary efforts for the past months to be able to participate and work hard at the rehearsals and during the performances.

We would really like to be present with them in more and more shows in the future, offering a real model to follow for many, a lesson of willpower, humanity, perseverance, and love. With these ingredients everything is possible.